The National Farmers Union is the only general farm organization in PEI totally dedicated to ensuring that the family farm is the primary unit of food production. For 50 years, the NFU has spoken up for Canadian farm families. For 50 years the NFU has demanded public policy to protect land and water for future generations.


What’s in a name?


  • NFU policy is the same all across Canada
  • NFU policy is made at the annual national convention
  • NFU is the only general farm organization established by an Act of the Parliament of Canada.


  • united voice for the right of farm families to fair price and dignity
  • united as farmers regardless of what we produce, one organization without division according to commodity
  • united as women, men, and youth with equal voice
  • united with community organizations for land and water protection
  • united in negotiating better prices for inputs

In Union is Strength


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