Submissions and Presentations

Submissions and Presentations

The National Farmers Union Region One, District One is a proud contributor to the development of public policy related to issues such as agriculture, land, water and trade. Over the years we have made many, many presentations and submissions to all levels of government, to committees, in public consultations and to individual policy-makers.


NFU Submission on the Lands Protection Act, 2013

Submission on Land Use 2013

Presentation to the Commission on Land and Local Governance 2009


Submission to Hon. R. Mitchell June 22, 2017 – June, 2017

NFU Submission on the Draft Water Act – April 10, 2017

The Development of the PEI Water Act   Presented to the PEI Environmental Advisory Council November 3, 2015


NFU Presentation on the TransPacific Partnership Presented to the Federal Committee on International Trade, 2016



NFU Submission on the Cattle Sector to the PEI Standing Committee on Agriculture, 2010



The Role of the Family Farm in a Healthy Food System presented by NFU District President Douglas Campbell to the PEI Food Security Network Annual Meeting 2016