A Worldwide Phenomenon

Land Grabbing

Doug Campbell, Director, NFU District One, District One

This is the full text of the presentation Doug Campbell made at the February 23, 2019 Forum hosted by the Coalition for Protection of PEI Lands.

The land grab is a worldwide phenomenon that is greatly impacting the landscape of Prince Edward Island. The Island should be protected from this phenomenon by the 1982 Lands Protection Act; a forward-thinking-piece of legislation of spirit and intent, and law to ensure Islanders retain the right to the ownership and use of their land. The Lands Protection Act is constitutional. Islander residents have the right to determine the ownership of their limited primary resource. We have a right to guard its stewardship for present and future generations of Islanders.

Ownership and control of the Island land has been an ongoing saga since the British claim to ownership through defeat of the French in 1759. Of course, neither the French not the English concerned themselves with the ethics of taking the land of the Mi’Kmaq people. How ironic this point is when one thinks of where we stand today with the current land grab. Force has been replaced with underhanded tactics. Continue reading

District Convention – March 19

The NFU District One, Region One District Convention will be held on Tuesday, March 19 at Milton Community Hall (March 21 is the storm date).

The theme is Protection of PEI Land.

Registration at 9:30 a.m. Meeting starts at 10:00 a.m. and will end at 4:00  p.m.

Speakers include:
Jean-Paul Arsenault who was very involved in the Carver Commission round of public meetings;

Mike Van den Heuvel who is conducting a study on water levels, and will likely speak about high capacity wells, supplemental irrigation, etc.

Laurie Loane from the Agricultural Sector Council who will bring us up to date on various tech. programs available to farmers and farm workers.

Honourable Richard Brown, Minister of Communities, Land and the Environment.

Registration fee of $20 covers noon lunch as well. Assistance for childcare for delegates can be arranged. Call Edith Ling at 902-368-1262 about this.

Resolutions will be discussed and elections held for the positions of District Director, Women’s District Director and Youth District Director.

Loopholes Unlimited

By Edith Ling, Women’s District Director of the National Farmers Union and a member of the Coalition for the Protection of PEI Land.

The Lands Protection Act was passed in this province in 1982 to prevent a large corporation of the day from amassing large tracts of land. In fact, this large corporation and a few others were forced to divest themselves of some land in order to comply with the Act. Individuals could own 1,000 acres of land and corporations were allowed to own 3,000 acres. When the Act was drafted, a corporation was considered to be family members, for example three brothers farming together or a similar combination of family members. Three individuals with 1,000 acres each added up to the 3,000 acreage limit for a corporation. We still have the Lands Protection Act in force today, so what has changed? Continue reading

District Newsletter – February 2019

NFU District 1, Region 1 Newsletter
January 31, 2019

(Download pdf here: District Newsletter February 2019)

Hello to all members of the National Farmers Union in District 1, Region 1 (PEI) and a special welcome to new members who have joined this organization over the past number of months. The past months have been very busy for the NFU District Board as we try to keep abreast of the occurrences with regard to land purchases by large corporations.

District Convention – Will be held at Milton Hall on Tuesday, March 19 (March 21 is storm date).

National Convention – Nine members from PEI attended the 49th annual NFU Convention which was held in Saskatoon in late November. The theme was Food Sovereignty and many speakers and panels dealt with this subject. Newly-elected National officers include Katie Ward as President; Toby Malloy, Women’s President; Stuart Oke, Youth President; Cam Goff, 1st Vice President (Policy); Stewart Wells, 2nd Vice President (Operations), Coral Sproule, Women’s Vice President and Jessie MacInnis is the Youth Vice President. Our member on the National Board is Reg Phelan. Women’s Advisory Committee member is Carina Phillips. Continue reading