Upcoming Events

District Convention: March 31, 2020

Our District Convention this year will take place on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at the Milton Community Hall.  Storm date will be the following Thursday.  Registration will begin at 9:30 a.m. with the meeting starting at 10:00 a.m.  Our guest speaker will be the National NFU Women’s President, Coral Sproule who will be speaking on climate change.  The Minister of Agriculture will also be invited to speak as well as a number of other individuals.  Resolutions will be considered and elections will take place for District officials.  Assistance for child care is available.  Watch for more convention details in another newsletter.

Climate Change, Indigenous Rights and Trade Justice

Public talk by Clayton Thomas-Müller

Wednesday, September 18 at 7 pm at the PEI Farm Centre


The NFU Region 1 Annual Convention will be held on Thursday, Sept. 26 at the Milton Community Hall. This is an opportunity for NFU members in the three Maritime provinces to come together to discuss issues of mutual concern. National Board members will be elected at this time as well.


Kinkora Place in Kinkora has been booked for Saturday, June 8, 2019 for our annual lobster supper for NFU members and friends. Supper will begin at 7:30 p.m. The cost will be approximately $20 per person.

The District will supply the dinner rolls and members are asked to bring a salad or dessert to share. There will be meat available for those who do not eat lobster. Tickets will be available from Douglas Campbell at 902-436-2518; Elwin Wyand at 902-963-2621; Reg Phelan at 902-961-2428; Byron Petrie at 902-213-5862; Randall Affleck at 902-887-2597 or Edith Ling at 902-368-1262.

Party Leaders’ Forum on the Environment

Monday, April 8th at 7 pm, MacDougall Hall, UPEI

Party Leaders’ Debate on the Land

Tuesday, April 9th at 7 pm, Murchison Centre in Charlottetown

District Convention

NFU District One, Region One District Convention will be held on Tuesday, March 19 at Milton Community Hall (March 21 is the storm date).

The theme is Protection of PEI Land.

Registration at 9:30 a.m. with the meeting starting at 10:00 a.m. and will end at 4 pm.

Speakers include:
Jean-Paul Arsenault who was very involved in the Carver Commission round of public meetings;

Mike Van den Heuvel who is conducting a study on water levels, and will likely speak about high capacity wells, supplemental irrigation, etc.

Laurie Loane from the Agricultural Sector Council who will bring us up to date on various tech. programs available to farmers and farm workers.

Honourable Richard Brown, Minister of Communities, Land and the Environment.

Registration fee of $20 covers noon lunch as well. Assistance for childcare for delegates can be arranged. Call Edith Ling at 902-368-1262 about this.

Resolutions will be discussed and elections held for the positions of District Director, Women’s District Director and Youth District Director.

Land Grabbing on PEI

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 at the Farm Centre, 420 University Avenue in Charlottetown from 1:30-4pm. Storm date: March 16,2019.

The Coalition for the Protection of PEI Land with support from the Coalition for the Protection of PEI Water will host a forum entitled ‘Land Grabbing on PEI: How the Lands Protection Act is being violated and why Islanders should be concerned’, on Saturday, February 23rd at the Farm Centre, 420 University Avenue in Charlottetown from 1:30-4pm. Storm date: March 16,2019.

Senator Diane Griffin, chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, will lead a panel of presenters with a summary of her research on land grabbing and speculation in Canada and beyond. Other panelists include Douglas Campbell, District Director for the National Farmers Union on PEI and Island writer, Ian Petrie, who is well-known for his thoughtful analyses on PEI farming issues.

The Coalition for the Protection of PEI Land was formed last spring by a group of concerned islanders from a diverse range of backgrounds. The purpose of the Coalition is to promote steadfast stewardship, respecting the spirit of the PEI Lands Protection Act, for the protection of Prince Edward Island’s fragile ecology, environment, watersheds and lands. Given the current trend of accumulation of land by corporate interests, the coalition will first address deficiencies in the PEI Lands Protection Act (in the Act itself, and in the way it is being implemented) that undermine its purpose, spirit and intent.

Coalition founder,Marie Burge, describes the purpose of the group like this:”Community organizations and individuals came together in early 2018 to form the Coalition for the Protection of PEI Lands as a support for the many Islanders who are deeply concerned about the land. The people see that the control of the land is in fewer and fewer hands. They are concerned about any further consolidation of land and about how land is being used and often abused. The Coalition encourages more people to speak out for the protection of PEI lands.”

Following presentations by the panelists, there will be a short Q&A and then participants will be asked to help contribute to possible solutions. This forum will be relevant to any islander who is concerned about preserving PEI land for now and into the future.

Contact: Marie Burge 902-894-4573

District Convention

Save the Date! The District 1, Region 1 Annual Convention will take place on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at Milton Community Hall in North Milton. Storm Date March 21. More details to follow.


PC Party Candidates Debate Land Issues

On Tuesday, January 22 at 7:30 p.m. the five PC leadership hopefuls will be at the Murchison Centre, 17 St Pius X Ave, Charlottetown.  The topic for discussion will be the land and all that entails. 


Charlottetown AAFC Seed Royalty Consultation


The only AAFC Seed Royalty Consultation event planned for Atlantic Canada is on Friday January 18, 2019 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Delta Hotels Prince Edward.  NOTE: It is not necessary to register – the important thing is to have as many farmers there as possible. Bring a friend or two!

NFU Farm Days Membership Drive

image 2019-01-12 at 11.41 am

On-Farm Seed Production Workshop

2018_PEI_Seed_WorkshopTuesday, May 8, 9: AM to 4:00 PM

PEI Farm Centre, Charlottetown

With farm planning nearly complete for many growers, this intermediate-level workshop will focus on the practices you can implement during your growing season to pull off your best possible seed crops, including:
— isolation – distance, time and barrier
— plant populations and why they matter for quality seed
— strategies for observing, selecting, and roguing your seed crop
— quality assurance after the growing season: germination tests, storage tips, and how to ensure you’ve saved what you think you’ve saved!

Presenter Bio: Chris Sanford and her partner, Garrett, grow and maintain over 150 varieties of vegetables, grains, and flowers at their small diversified farm on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.  They have been farming and gardening ecologically for over 15 years, and 2018 is their 10th season growing seeds commercially.  In addition to consumer direct seed sales, Chris sells seed through Annapolis Seeds. Chris can speak knowledgeably about on-farm seed production from her experience with dozens of crops including squash and other curcurbits, most brassicas, beans, peas, corn, small grains, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, alliums, herbs, lettuce, and some biennials. Chris works part-time as the Community Gardens Coordinator for the Town of Bridgewater, and has taught workshops in the Maritimes and Northeastern US.

Cost: ACORN Members: $20, Non-members: $30, vegetarian lunch included.

Registration Deadline: April 30, 2018. To register: please email Steph Hughes at seed@acornorganic.org, with your full name, contact phone number, and dietary restrictions. Upon registration, participants will be asked about what crop varieties they are saving seed from so that content can be tailored to their needs.

Living and Thriving: A Forum about Supporting Migrant Workers in PEI

Friday, April 27, 2018 –  9:00 am to 3:30 pm

PEI Farm Centre

Facebook_6You are invited to a public forum to examine the vital role of Migrant Workers in PEI’s food system and the largely policy-driven limitations that these workers face.

For some time, policies at the national and provincial level have acted as barriers to migrant workers’ rights. In PEI and across Canada, there is a growing movement to eliminate barriers for workers through public education, community solidarity, and changes to policies at national and provincial levels.

The Forum will be held at the PEI Farm Centre on Friday, April 27 from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. (Registration will open at 8:30 am.) It will feature several guest speakers:

Marisa Berry Méndez (Canadian Council for Refugees), who works on issues related to the settlement and integration of refugees and other vulnerable migrants;

Gabriel Allahdua (Justice for Migrant Workers), a migrant worker from St. Lucia and member of Justice for Migrant Workers, a volunteer-run migrant worker advocacy organization located in Ontario; and

Connie Sorio (KAIROS Canada), a community organizer and advocate for the rights and welfare of temporary foreign workers in Canada.

Please pre-register at Eventbrite.

There will be presentations and group discussions on topics such as health care, employment standards, housing access, and the role of Migrant Workers in our economy. The day will conclude with a presentation of the strategies and next steps for action, as determined through participants’ discussion on each topic.

This event is organized by Cooper Institute and the PEI Action Team for Migrant Worker Rights, which includes representatives from the Council of Canadians (PEI), Breaking the Silence Maritimes Guatemala Solidarity Network, PEI Food Security Network, and others. It is supported by the Canadian Union of Public Employees and CUPE-PEI, United Food and Commercial Workers, the United Church of Canada (Maritime Conference and PEI Presbytery), KAIROS and Kairos Atlantic.

Region One – District One Convention

April 3, 2018

Our annual District Convention will be held on Tuesday, April 3 at the Milton Community Hall in North Milton (7 New Glasgow Rd., corner of Rte. 7 and 224). Registration will begin at 9:30 a.m. and the meeting will be called to order at 10:00 a.m. The registration fee is $20 per person and this includes a meal at noon. Adjournment is planned for 4:00 p.m. (The storm date is Thursday, April 5). Assistance is available to those members who require child care in order to attend the Convention. If this is needed, please call Edith Ling at 902-368-1262.

17555149_1058196674324673_1123740491_n (1)

The Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Robert Henderson will attend and will address the delegates following the noon meal. Hon. Richard Brown, Minister of Communities, Land and Environment will speak to the delegates on the Lands Protection Act. I am sure our members will have lots of questions for Mr. Brown following his presentation. He is also Minister responsible for the Water Act, holding ponds, high capacity wells, etc.

We will also have a presentation on the trends in the level of organic matter in Island soils. This will be delivered by Judith Nyiraneza who is a Research Scientist with Agriculture Canada in Charlottetown.

We will be considering resolutions at the District Convention and members are encouraged to submit resolutions to the Resolutions Committee prior to Convention. The members of this Committee are: J.P. Hendricken, Gordon Carter and Ranald MacFarlane.

Resolutions are a very important part of any District Convention. One of the excellent things about the NFU is the fact that members at the grass roots level are able to submit resolutions which can become national policy of the NFU (if the resolutions are national in scope and are passed at the District, Regional and National levels). I would expect that the Locals will hold meetings prior to the District Convention and resolutions to go forward to the District Convention can be dealt with at that time. Of course, members can also submit resolutions to the Resolutions Committee on the day of the Convention as well.

Elections for the positions of District Director, Women’s District Director and Youth District Director will take place at the Convention. Please make time to attend this Convention and take part in developing policy and direction for our organization in the days ahead.

No Land, No Food, No Life

Sunday, January 16, 6 pm

Don and Marion McDougall Hall – UPEI











Cinema Politica Charlottetown, the UPEI Environmental Society & Sustainability Committee and the PEI Council of Canadians Chapter will host a screening of No Land No Food No Life on Sunday, January 14th at 6 pm.

The 2013 film explores sustainable small-scale agriculture and the call for an end to corporate global land grabs in Mali, Uganda and Cambodia. This feature length documentary gives voice to those directly affected by combining personal stories, and vérité footage of communities fighting to retain control of their land. The film alternates interviews with the farmers, the usurpers and other interested parties with scenes of demonstrations and conferences of a grassroots activist movement. Voice-over narration and animations create a historical context and highlight a distressing situation that exacerbates the food and climate crises. Facilitated discussion will follow the film screening. Donations are welcome. www.cinemapolitica.org

Location Details:
Don and Marion McDougall Hall – UPEI
550 University Avenue

District Director Doug Campbell to Speak on Panel about Supply Management, Water & NAFTA – October 10

Boiling Point_Poster_FBThe Council of Canadians PEI Chapter will hold a Public forum on water, NAFTA and supply management on Tuesday, October 10, 7 p.m. at the Rodd Charlottetown, Kent Street, Charlottetown.

Maude Barlow, Honourary  Chairprson of the Council of Canadians, author of Boiling Point, her latest book, will speak on government neglect, corporate abuse, and Canada’s water crisis including PEI’s.

Doug Campbell, District Director of PEI National Farmers Union will address water issues facing Prince Edward Island including the new PEI Water Act, drought, climate change,  and the moratorium on high capacity deep water wells for agricultural irrigation. Doug will also discuss Supply Management as it relates to trade deals.

Scott Sinclair, trade expert and senior researcher with the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives will give an overview of what’s at stake for Islanders and Canadians in the current NAFTA negotiations.

The Public Forum is free and everyone is welcome. There will be an opportunity for public participation.

Leo Broderick, Chair of the Council of Canadians is urging Islanders to attend. “We are at a critical time on PEI as we face increased pressure from Cavendish Farms and PEI Potato Board to have the moratorium on high capacity deep water wells lifted.  Our water is still being contaminated from agricultural pollution. As well, supply management is threatened by trade deals including NAFTA. Islanders need to know the facts and take a stand. This public forum will help.”

Nouhad Mourad, chair of the Council of Canadians’ PEI Chapter will be the moderator and Eliza Knockwood will open the Public Forum.

National Convention, November 23-25

The 48th National Convention of the National Farmers will be held at the Holiday Inn East in Ottawa, Ontario from November 23 to 25th inclusive.

A block of rooms has been reserved for this convention. To book accommodation, please call the Hotel direct at 1-613-744-1060 and advise them that you are part of the NFU convention. The cost is $129 per night plus applicable taxes and fees for a room with one or two queen beds.

For more information about the convention and to find out what assistance may be available to delegates, please call Edith Ling at 902-368-1262 or email edithling@aol.com

Work Hard and Hoe Down New Farmers’ Weekend

17264736_10154148629772434_4233743748831829347_nSEASPRAY ORGANIC will host all new and emerging farmers for a wicked social/work party on the 5th and 6th of August !

We invite everyone to come on Saturday August 5th post market day to a lovely beach area of Prince Edward Island for a camping trip on the Beach. There will be sand for your toes, waterfront view and some music to keep us dancing around the campfire. Bring the necessary gear to camp out under the stars or in your tent.

On Sunday the 6th, Seaspray Organic will host us at their farm around 10/11am. We will be able to tour the farm and discuss what they have been up to in the past years. There will be a POTLUCK for lunch so bring a little something to share. Post lunch we will engage in a philosophical discussion on agro-ecology facilitated by the National Farmers Union and l’Union Paysanne. While keeping the discussion alive we will do a Work Bee in order to help our hosts accomplish a daunting task. For dinner there will be a Disco Soup facilitated by Slow Food Cocagne Acadie (Bring sad looking leftovers from the market)


4-8pm : Meet up on the Beach (location to be determined)
8pm-2am: Campfire, food, music, swimming, star gazing

10-11am : Meet up at Seaspray Organic (2144 Byrnes road Morell, Prince Edward Island, PE C0A 1S0)
11am : Farm Tour
12pm: POT LUCK
1pm: Agro-Ecology Discussion
3pm: Work Bee
430pm : DISCO SOUP
6pm : Campfire, more food, music, dance party

9am – 5pm
National Farmers Union Region 1 (Maritimes) regional meeting

Adresse: Milton Community Hall, 7 New Glasgow Road Rte 224, North Milton, PE C1E 0S7


SEASPRAY ORGANIC accueilleront tout les nouveau fermiers pour un rassemblement sociale le 5 et 6 Août !

Nous invitions tout le monde à venir passer la soirée du 5 d’Août après leur journée de marché sur une plage de l’Isle du Prince Edward. Il y aura du sable pour vos orteils, une belle vue sur l’eau et de la musique pour danser autour du feu. Apporter le nécessaire pour pouvoir dormir à la belle étoile ou dans vôtre tente.

Dimanche Seaspray Organic nous accueilleras aux alentours de 10/11am. Nous auront la chance de visiter les infrastructures de la ferme et de discuter de ce qu’ils ont réussis à accomplir dans le dernière années. Pour le dîner il y aura un POTLUCK alors apporter un petit quelque chose à partager. Après le dîner nous allons avoir une conversation philosophique sur les principes d’Agro-Ecologie facilité par l’Union Nationale des Fermiers et l’Union Paysanne. Tout en gardant la discussion en vie nous allons accomplir une petite corvée afin d’aider notre hôte. Pour souper il y aura un Disco Soupe facilité par Slow Food Cocagne Acadie (apporter vos restant de marché les moins beau)


4-8pm : Rencontre sur la plage (endroit à être déterminé)
8pm-2am: feu de camp, nourriture, musique, nage, étoiles

10-11am : Rencontre à Seaspray Organic (2144 Byrnes road Morell, Prince Edward Island, PE C0A 1S0)
11am : Visite de la ferme
12pm: POT LUCK
1pm: Discussion sur l’Agro-Ecology
3pm: Corvée
6pm : Feu de camp, plus de nourriture, musique, dance

9am – 5pm
Rencontre régionale de l’Union Nationale des fermiers (région 1 – maritimes) à Milton Community Hall

Adresse: 7 New Glasgow Road Rte 224, North Milton, PE C1E 0S7

Annual Regional Convention – August 7

The NFU Region One Annual Convention will take place on Monday, August 7th at Milton Community Hall in Miltonvale Park. AylaWith guest speaker, Ayla Fenton. Ayla will also participate in a youth retreat on the weekend prior to the convention.

Registration will begin at 9:30 a.m. and the meeting is expected to conclude at approximately 4:00 p.m.  The registration fee of $20 per person includes the noon meal.  If childcare is needed, people can call Reg Phelan at 902-961-2428.  Both PEI Agriculture Minister Hon. Alan McIsaac and Federal Agriculture Minister Hon. Lawrence MacAulay have been invited to address the gathering.

Growing Food & Education: Getting more local food into PEI schools

Thursday, May 18, 2 :00 p.m. at the PEI Farm Centre in Charlottetown

With presenters:
Bev Campbell, Chef at Queen Elizabeth Elementary School
Sarah Bennetto O’Brien, PEI Handpie Company
Kyle Panton – Chef and Farmer
Kent MacDonald – Gordon Food Services
All have a passion for getting healthy, local food on the plates of students.

Panel presentations will be followed by a general discussion and a very short annual meeting.

Many Islanders are embracing “buy local” campaigns by going to farmers’ markets and participating in CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture). At the same time there is interest in getting more locally-produced food on the menu in provincial institutions such as schools and healthcare facilities. Many communities and producers are responding with creative school food programs and initiatives to increase awareness of growing food as well as to improve local food access for children and their families. Given this growing interest in local procurement from producers, government and consumers, we invite the community to discuss the opportunities and challenges of providing local food products in Island schools.

Please join us for what is bound to be a lively discussion. Everyone welcome!

Annual Lobster Supper – Saturday, June 3

The NFU annual lobster supper will be held on Saturday, June 3 at 7:30 p.m. at Kinkora Place in Kinkora.  It is a potluck-style supper – members are asked to bring a salad or dessert to share.  Cost is $20 per person.  (Two lobsters are included in the price.).

Local 102 Annual Meeting

Tuesday, April 25 at 8:30 pm

Sherbrooke Community Centre

Local 103 & 104 Joint Meeting

Thursday, April 20, 8:30 p.m.

Milton Community Hall

District Directors’ Reports

Update on the Water Act

Update on Proposed Changes to CFIA Regulations

Discussion on Potato, Dairy and Livestock Commodities

Rights, Faith and Policy: A Public Forum on Migrant Workers’ Rights

Monday, March 27, 2017, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Prince Edward island farm centre, 420 university ave, charlottetown

This event will bring together migrant workers, community organizations, faith groups, and provincial representatives to build capacity for action, policy, and solidarity on migrant worker rights. Pre-registration is required; this event is free to attend, and lunch and snacks will be provided.

To register visit our EventBrite page, or contact Cooper Institute by emailing josie@cooperinstitute.ca or calling (902) 894-4573.

District Convention

Tuesday, March 28th (Storm Date March 30)

Milton Community Hall, North Milton

Registration will begin at 9:30 a.m. with the meeting getting underway at 10:00 a.m.

Registration fee is $20 per person and will include a meal at noon.

Financial assistance is available to any members who require child care that day in order to attend the meeting. Please call Edith Ling at 902-368-1262 about this if needed.

Reports on the past year’s activities will be given by the directors and elections will be held for the positions of District Director, Women’s District Director and Youth District Director.

The Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Alan McIsaac will speak to the meeting immediately after the noon meal.

Following that, we will view the video, “Islanders and the Land”. This video, produced by Don Kossick, will feature P. E. I. farmers and will depict their concern for the preservation of farmland in this Province.

A representative from the Workers’ Compensation Board will bring members up to date on the mandatory inclusion of farm workers under that program.

Our keynote speaker, of course, is our National President, Jan Slomp. He will be speaking on the “State of Canadian Agriculture and What That Means for Rural Canada”. That is a very appropriate topic when we consider what is going on in this Province with regard to the grabbing of land, the possible closure of schools and the move to centralization in general.

Resolutions will be considered during the day. If you have a resolution which you wish to have dealt with, please contact any one of the Resolutions Committee members. The following is the list of Committees for our Convention this year:

Resolutions Committee: J.P. Hendricken, Gordon Carter, Ranald MacFarlane

Registration Committee – Mary Carter, Vernon MacLeod

Nominating Committee – Reg Phelan, Darren Toombs, Muncey Gallant and Elwin Wyand

Elections & Credentials Committee – The Convention chairpersons