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NFU Urges New Government to institute a Training Program for MLAs on the Lands Protection Act

May 28, 2019

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has requested that the new Government of P. E. I. implement mandatory education for all Members of the Legislative Assembly on the Lands Protection Act.

The NFU delivered a letter to: Premier King; Peter Bevan-Baker, leader of the Official Opposition; and Robert Mitchell, Interim leader of the Third Party. The letter implies that there is a lack of knowledge of the Act on the part of MLAs. Douglas Campbell, District Director of the NFU alleges that past Government actions indicate that some of the crises in land ownership are the result of decision-makers’ ignorance of the intent of the Act.

The general farm organization official says: “The spirit and intent of the law of the Lands Protection Act has been consistently violated to the point that we are in a crisis situation. If not immediately acted upon, by Government, this will quickly deliver us to a point of no return.”

Mr. Campbell goes on to say that Islanders have the constitutional right to determine land ownership. All MLAs must be committed to defending that right. MLA’s must have the knowledge of the Act in order to implement the spirit and intent of the law and to close the loopholes. No longer can Islanders accept the pretence that the letter of the law is being upheld.

The Island’s primary resource is the land. The Lands Protection Act of 1982 was forward thinking legislation enacted to ensure that the resource remains in the hands of Islanders – rather than become a commodity of foreign and corporate ownership. Protection of our primary resource ensures history is not repeated, and it will guarantee the social and economic well-being of all current and future generations.

The NFU is awaiting response from the three leaders in the hope that they will take collaborative action on this request without delay.