Become a Member

Become a member:

Family Membership – $150.00

Youth Membership – $113.00 (18 to 25 years)

Associate Membership – $75.00 (non-farmers who wish to join)

Membership forms are available from NFU members. Contact us by email for more information.

Or, complete the PEI Farm Registration Form and check off the NFU as your farm organization of choice. You can find the Registration Form and related information here.


The National Farmers Union is a direct-membership organization. Farm families are members by choice. There is no automatic membership through belonging to a commodity organization.

The NFU in District 1, Region 1 (PEI) is totally independent of government, and receives no government funds (although the PEI Department of Agriculture does on occasion help to defray the cost of the annual district convention). For this reason, the NFU is free to take governments to task for anti-farmer policies.

The NFU can be independent because Farm Families support the organization by paying a yearly membership and by buying inputs from companies with which the Union has collective bargaining agreements for discount prices.

The NFU accepts donations from individual supporters.

What does the NFU do for you?

The National Farmers Union serves your interests by:

  • standing up to governments for policies to protect producers, the land, and water
  • working for fair food prices for both farmers and eaters
  • promoting family farms as the main unit of food production
  • promoting environmentally-safe farming practices
  • making sure that women, men, and youth have equal voice in shaping farm policy
  • giving you updated information through the Union Farmer and District newsletters
  • building healthy, vibrant rural communities
  • reaching out to family farmers everywhere.